Cow Care – Extra care is required for fattening

Cow Care – Extra care is required for fattening. Dear Farmer Brothers You must know that fattening cows need some extra care. Excessive care is the main tool for fattening. Caring for cows is not just about extra food. Staying, eating and resting should all be good and according to the rules.

In order to fatten cows, all the necessary vaccines, including increasing the immunity of cows, need to be given at the right time. The cow must be completely healthy. Deficiency of any vitamin and mineral in the body of the cow will not work.

Cow care

  1. It is better to bathe the animal on the body table at a certain time every day and to brass with it.
  2. Since there is a difference in the feeding of cows on the serving of food, some rules must be followed in the serving of food. For example, daily feeding at regular intervals, always keeping food in front of the cows, cleaning the pots before feeding, feeding the granular food if it is accustomed to soaking or boiling, the food must not be soil / sand and the food is rotten, stale, not very old. To be
  3. Do not allow excessive movement or skipping.
  4. Animals should not be engaged in any kind of work and should not be aroused or disturbed.
  5. Animals should be protected from all internal and external parasites including mosquitoes, flies and gnats.
  6. Adequate tubewell fresh water should always be kept near the animal so that it can drink water as per the demand.
  7. The accommodation should always be kept in a clean and dry place.
  8. Housing at least once a week, food containers should be kept clean by disinfectant.
  9. The animal should be kept in a clean and well ventilated house.
  10. Food storage places and containers should be kept clean and protected from pests.
  11. Regular deworming should be given. The advice of a registered veterinarian should be taken to disinfect properly.
  12. Outsiders should not be allowed to go near the cows.
  13. If the animal is sick, it should be taken to the nearest livestock hospital immediately.

Extra care and nutritious food supply are both more important for fattening cattle or cows, so fatten cows in a barley method without using injections or hormones.


Precautions to be taken to fattening cattle-

  1. Cows of lesser size or younger cannot be purchased.
  2. Need to purchase fast growing bulls.
  3. Need to provide the best quality food at low cost. Food costs should not be high.
  4. Medical costs must be low.
  5. Cows must always be healthy.
  6. If you are sick, you need to seek the services of a veterinarian immediately.
  7. In case of nutrition and medicine, good quality nutrition and medicine should be used.

How to reduce feed costs?

Despite the fact that cattle fattening is a very lucrative project, farmers are not making much profit these days. The reason is the increase in food prices. When I am updating this post in 2020, a bundle of straw or hay is Rs.

In other words, the price of each ring is 8 rupees 50 paise. No one ever imagined. The price of granular food has also increased in the same way. In such a situation, cow fattening and dairy farming say we need to use some technology to ensure low cost food management in all farms.

But that is possible. Some of these technologies are highlighted.

Raw grass and silage

Raw grass or silage should be used to reduce the use of straw. Maize silage or raw grass produced on land costs Rs. 2-4 per kg. In addition, the use of some non-conventional foods such as khesari nara, wheat rara, etc. should be increased.

Concentrate feeds

To reduce the cost of granular food, granular food should be prepared by mixing maize, paddy, wheat, lentil husk, kala husk etc. within 25-26 rupees. Feeding fermented corn with granular food will reduce the cost of production.


The easiest way to reduce food consumption is to feed UMS to cows. It is possible to reduce the feed cost of the farm by multiplying the nutritional value of straw in this method at very low cost.

Last word

Finally, for the sake of the breeders, I would like to say that the care is real. But you have to take care of the right rules. Because we don’t know the rules of cow care, we think it is good and do harm.

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