sweet potatoes

What are the rules for planting sweet potatoes? Which variety of sweet potatoes easily yields more?
Rules for planting sweet potatoes
November is the best and most suitable time to cultivate sweet potatoes.
Land Cultivation Sweet potato vines have to be planted in rows by preparing the land with a ladder.
Row to row distance will be 60 cm. And the distance from the vine to the vine will be 30 cm.
The vines should be cut in such a way that 2-3 gits are under the ground.
At the rate of 40 kg dung, 500 g TSP, 300 g urea, and 300 g MP per hectare should be applied during cultivation.
After 2 months of planting, 300 g urea and 400 g MP Kileb should be mixed in the adjacent soil.
At this time light apples need to be given. By this, understanding the moisture of the land, 1-2 more irrigations have to be given.
Sweet potatoes do not have many diseases or insects. Sweet potatoes can be attacked by weevil insects. If the potato is covered with soil, the weevil does not attack.
Sweet potatoes can be picked within 130-150 days after planting.
Sweet potato variety
Different varieties of sweet potato are cultivated in different parts of Bangladesh. The yield of improved variety is much higher than that of local variety. Satisfaction and orange are two high yielding varieties. Its yield is 30-40 tons per hectare. Varieties Ka-purple, leaves dark green, fruit roots white, shell light yellow. It contains a small amount of carotene.

  • Name known;
    The English name for sweet potato or sweet potato is Sweet Potato. It belongs to the species Lpomoca batatas of the family Convolvulaceae. In some countries of the world, sweet potato is used as a vegetable. That is why it is known as vegetable crop. But its use as a vegetable is rare in our country, here it is mostly used as an alternative staple food. There are several areas in the world where sweet potatoes are the staple food of human beings.
    The importance of sweet potato in terms of production is immense. Sweet potatoes are considered by many to be the food of the poor, but it is an excellent food crop in terms of yield and nutritional value.
  • Nutrition
    In addition to tubers, its leaves are a nutritious vegetable. In our country sweet potato is also known as red potato. Sweet potatoes are purple, red, light yellow or white. Sweet potatoes contain vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes can provide quick energy. Sweet potatoes are rich in anti-oxidants called beta carotene. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B-Complex, Iron and Phosphorus.
    What works against the disease!
    Therefore, it can be said that sweet potatoes are beneficial for the immune system and can protect against various diseases. The anti-inflammatory role of sweet potatoes is probably due to the presence of beta carotene, vitamin C and magnesium. Sweet potato is very effective in reducing inflammation both internally and externally. Due to the presence of beta carotene, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-complex, sweet potato plays an effective role in fighting arthritis. Sweet potato boiled water is used externally in the joints to reduce the pain of arthritis.
    Sweet potatoes contain more fiber than ordinary potatoes and taste better. Sweet potato is a food that helps digestion as it also contains a mineral called magnesium. There is also so much starch that can cool the stomach and intestines. Sweet potato fiber helps the body retain water. It maintains the body’s water balance, keeps it hydrated and increases cell efficiency. Sweet potatoes can have a cooling effect on the stomach and intestines. Vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, beta carotene, potassium and calcium help to cure stomach ulcers. Sweet potato fiber helps prevent constipation and acid buildup. Sweet potato has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that helps reduce the pain and inflammation of stomach ulcers.
    Sweet potatoes are also beneficial for diabetics, helping to regulate blood sugar levels by helping to regulate insulin secretion. This does not mean that people with diabetes can eat sweet potatoes at will. You can eat sweet potatoes instead of rice or other sugary foods. Sweet potatoes also contain complex starch, vitamins, minerals and some carbs. Sweet potatoes are easily digested and can provide a lot of energy. Those who want to gain weight can safely eat sweet potatoes. Because it has no side effects. Sweet potato helps in curing constipation of lungs, trachea and nose. As a result, asthma is relieved. Vitamin C, iron and other nutrients help to cure bronchitis. Sweet potatoes help to warm the body. Perhaps its sweetness and other nutrients affect body temperature. Beta carotene is an anti-oxidant and anticarcinogenic ingredient responsible for the sweet potato peel color. Beta carotene and vitamin C in sweet potato are very effective in curing various types of cancer.

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