The initial plan of the goat farm

What should be the initial plan of the goat farm? It is only natural that some questions always come to mind before starting our goat farm. If you want to start a goat farm for the first time, all these questions keep popping up in your head.

Getting the right answer at the right time is a bit difficult. This post will try to answer all those questions. Many may disagree with my answers, please let me know your correct opinion / advice in the comments, it will benefit everyone.

Breeds and numbers of goats for farms

Depending on your goat rearing experience and your abilities – how many will you start with? However, it is better to start with 10 goats and a good goat at the first stage. When collecting parents on the farm, you need to look at a few qualities or characteristics, such as choosing a variety that can increase the daily weight quickly.

Also collect parents whose milk production is good and the number of babies is high. Must buy varieties that give birth to two or more offspring. Farms can be started with the crossbengal variety of our country.

Black Bengal goat farming

Black Bengal is the only breed of goat in Bangladesh. Apart from Bangladesh, this breed of goat can be seen in different villages of West Bengal and Assam in India. The common features of Black Bengal goats are- their skin color is mainly black, but they can also be white, black and white, brownish black, brown etc. Body size is usually small in nature. Goat fur is smooth and short. The ears and horns of the Black Bengal goat are small.

Crossed in the Jamunapari goat

Goat crossing the Jamuna is very popular in Bangladesh and India. Although the fertility of goats across the Jamuna is low, its growth rate is high and its physical structure is large.

The body color of a goat crossing the Jamuna can be a combination of different colors including white, black, yellow, brown. Their ears are long and curved in nature. They have long legs and long hair on the back of their hind legs. This variety is very hardy.

The age of the goat for the farming

To start the farm you need to collect suitable varieties at the age of 6 months. Because the child’s immunity is very low and they can not easily adapt to the new environment. You will find good varieties in almost all regions of Bangladesh. However, in Rajshahi, Natore, Kushtia, Bogra, Meherpur, you will see some good varieties.

The initial plan of the goat farm
The initial plan of the goat farm

Shed construction

Farm space

A full grown goat requires 12-15 square feet of space, but if you want to keep it completely enclosed, you need to provide a minimum of 20 square feet of space. Farm space should be elevated so that rain water does not accumulate.

And it is far from the main road but the communication system should look good. The farm environment should be open. When the soil of the farm is mixed with silt and sand, it becomes baal. There should be adequate good drainage system from the blacksmith.

Pure water and electricity supply system should be good.

The type of shed

Sheds should be constructed in a secluded, waterlogged area with plenty of light and ventilation. The shed should have a wooden or bamboo loft, a loft arrangement so that the bottom can be easily cleaned and the animals are well cared for. It is better if the shed is facing south. Also, if you watch a lot of good videos on YouTube, you will get some ideas.

Goat feed

Grass and granular feed for goat farm

Food requirements depend on his body size / weight. However for each growing an average of 2-3 kg of raw grass and 150-250 g of granular food and adequate amount of pure water is required daily. 40% dry straw of raw grass can be given. Straw, raw grass and granular food should be mixed and fed.

Grass cultivation

For goats you can cultivate Para grass, German grass, Napier grass etc. Apart from this, some legumes like pulses like gram, lentil, khesari etc. are very important for them. However, if the amount is not given, the stomach may become bloated or indigested again. Durba grass, alfalfa ha and dal or ligum are much more nutritious.

Granular food supply

Food should be prepared by mixing salt and vitamin minerals like wheat bran, soybean meal, kalai bran, mug or lentil bran, rice husk, broken corn husk, gram husk, rice husk etc. and quantity. Vitamins and minerals of several companies are now available in the market. The price and quality of food must be taken into consideration while making granular food.

Diseases and medicines of goat farm


Worms and cold goats are the biggest enemies. Goats also have a number of viral and bacterial diseases. Diseases such as pneumonia, anthrax, razor disease, pox, PPR, tetanus and bloating. Vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases are also seen. PPR and seizures are the most serious and viral diseases.

PPR vaccine

The PPR vaccine is usually given to young goats as young as two months of age. However, if given once at the age of two months, the vaccine has to be given again at the age of six months.

If given at the age of three months, it is no longer necessary to give this vaccine during the month. The PPR vaccine twice a year can keep you worry-free. One ml of PPR vaccine should be injected under the skin of the shoulder.

Worm medicine

There are many brands of worm medicines available in the market now, each working separately. Since I am not a doctor, it would not be right to name any brand directly. Weight and condition should be understood before taking anthelmintics. The advice of an experienced veterinarian should be sought. There are many safe medicines available in our country now, they can be used.

Goat farming method

  1. You have to leave the house in the morning and graze around the shed. This will be an exercise and there will be ample opportunity to apply sun rays on the body.
  2. After leaving the house, the house should be thoroughly washed or cleaned with a broom.
  3. When leaving the house, it is necessary to monitor whether any goat is sick. If any goat shows signs of illness, he should be treated immediately.
  4. If the number is more, you have to put a tag number to identify them.
  5. Regular balanced granular food and raw grass should be provided.
  6. The body should be cleaned with a regular brush. This will remove dirt from the body and increase blood circulation.
  7. All members of the farm should be given Anthelmintics together and on a regular basis and given regular immunizations or vaccines.
  8. Feeding UMS reduces food consumption later.

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